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Another fun visual puzzle from Pentagram. They’ve identified twelve antigram pairs, given you one half of the pair, and provided an illustrative clue for the other. What’s an anitgram? They explain:

An antigram is a rare type of anagram. [T]ake a word or phrase, and using all the same letters, make another word or phrase with the opposite meeting.

They’re not too tough, and very pretty to boot.




EDIT: It’s come to my attention that this is not real, sorry to say. There’s no such place as JIST that I can find. This is most likely some viral advertising for an upcoming video game. I’ve updated the post to reflect that.

Quantum Levitation Meets WipeOut Track

Remember that jaw-dropping video from a couple months back demonstrating quantum levitation? By using a supercooled superconducting disk placed over a magnetic field, the physicists were able to make the disk levitate, even holding an incline as it moved!

Well these folks from Japan haveraised the quantum levitation bar fooled us using CGI into watching some advertising. Byturning faking that puck into a Wipeout racer, they’vebrought advertised a video gameracing to life. Watch and be amazed. 


(by JISTQuantum)

Eko map application

With green living problems and healthy way of life becoming one of the voguish items to buzz about these days, overall ecological understanding of people has increased and that we can see new environmentally towns being constructed, ecology shops as well as greenish health care, fitness centers and academic institutions popping up, actually not mentioning just about all specialized high-tech devices as well as machinery, which also wish to add the word eco-friendly in front of their titles and commercialize the whole essential thing.
How to maintain clear mind within this buzz and find the harmonious solution contouring to personal green thinks? How to make sometimes luxurious green living affordable?

You might want to take a look at a new as well as currently with a distinctive concept flavoured cellular application called Eko chart just released within iTunes market. Indeed, with K, because developed by a cellular value added services supplying company from Lithuania, exactly where Ecology is Ekologijos. “The main objective of the app would be to help its customers find various ecosystem places around — either them becoming an ecology food stores or restaurants, ecologic clothing and shoes shops, with green thinks in mind beauty parlours, sports activities centres, kindergartens and educational establishments or a bunch of technologies companies providing eco-friendly solutions and finally a number of tourism attraction locations enriched with environmentally concept. The user will find ecology places about either by searching in a map within the phone screen or even scrolling the list of eko locations divided by groups and countries. The consumer can read about the chosen eco place, discover its offering, position and what other clients express in their reviews”, unveils the mobile applications task manager Inga Bo?oka. In addition, the actual inspirator of the company Tomas Mart?nas offers his secret perception of turning this particular app into a globally ecology discount greeting card, meaning, having an Eko-map inside your phone will give a pre-arranged discount within partner eco locations. “The initiative is operating great in Lithuania, right now first steps have been come to address the global marketplace, whether we be successful will see, as a long distance is in front people with contribution required from both ecosystem place owners and all sorts of ecology fans worldwide” gives Inga.
While discount idea is in progress, the actual app users can also enjoy other features like going to Eko School, where they are able to read ecology information, receive new ecosystem tips every day, discover the meaning of all individuals E substances created on product labeling and take a good ecology test in order to measure the implementation of the ecologic lifestyle knowledge used. Furthermore, the users may write in ecosystem forums, report main non-eco issues they notice, as well as engage in conversation with Svarainis - a good Eko man guiding you through the app as well as green living world. apple iphone users can enjoy the advantages of Eko map already, whilst other platform customers should maintain persistence until Eko map application is available also on their behalf, but meanwhile they are able to get familiar with website devoted to ecosystem issues. “10% of income obtained from Eko-map SIR European union is going to donate towards the institutions taking care of ecosystem issues”, stresses Tomas Mart?nas.


Congrats to jessewrightsara_sh for their winning photos of their resolutions!

Thanks to every one of you who submitted to our first contest ever!

  • Jesse’s resolution—“to be more like Dr. Jekyll, and less like Mr. Hyde.” 
  • Sara’s resolution—to “Read 52 books in 2012.” Yup, she notes there are 52 books in her shot!

Nope, it’s not magic; it’s Liquipel!
Liquipel coating makes smartphones waterproof
via Gizmodo

These T-shirts will be available to order sometime this week (September, 2010).
Stay tuned for updates.


These T-shirts will be available to order sometime this week (September, 2010).

Stay tuned for updates.

Ecological Civilization

How Much Do You Know regarding Ecological Civilization?
Environmental civilization view is actually stressed man as well as nature coevolution, interdependence and the entire concept of natural choice, the belief that one should make sure use of science and technology as well as continuously promoting natural process of natural online and human existence purpose to realize the actual unification of the actions of man and character together create procedure.Rock crushing grow
Establish ecological the world view main techniques are: (1) set up the global ecological tradition, the establishment associated with environmental health improvement ideas, including the worldwide ecological culture in order to regulating human conduct, coordinate social improvement; (2) the environmental construction science and technology, the actual establishment and the worldwide ecological close ties towards the ecological science and technology, result in the productive forces associated with ecological architecture,Rock and roll crushing plant,Symons spool crusher and other machines would be the stone crushing gear, optimization to deal with the romantic relationship between man as well as nature; (3) to determine ecological and financial order, and to set up national, international environmental economic new purchase in order to reduce waste materials resources for too improvement or because of the extreme poverty caused by a vicious circle of destruction sources,
Cement rotating clothes dryer,Cement rotating clothes dryer,Cement rotating clothes dryer and other machines would be the main ore dressing gear on the market. reduce the price of development. (4) the actual comprehensive construction environmental, establish ecological globe outlook.Our company companies and sells two kinds of vibrating screen, round vibrating screen as well as linear vibrating display?
Circular vibrating filter is a new high-effective moving screen, with multi-layers, maintaining circular vibration ? The actual tube circle moving screen postures partiality axis vibe and partial bit of adjusting amplitude, materials sieve drip lines are long, more testing specifications, its framework is reliable, powerful exciting force, higher screening efficiency, little vibration noise, long lasting, easy maintenance, dependable , the vibrating display is widely used within mining, building supplies, transportation, energy sources, chemical industry and merchandise classification?
parts and dealing principle of round vibrating screen
Stick to the “overall, coordinated, circulation,Symons spool crusher,Symons cone crusher and other devices are the sand producing equipment, regeneration” character Eight policy, effectively the introduction of ecological system of various organisms in take advantage of space and the sources of the biological neighborhood symbiosis principle, a variety of elements co-ordination and promote perform principle and materials and energy levels and employ and transformation of how the principle, establish may reasonable use organic resources, keep the environmental stability and environmentally friendly and efficient extensive ecological balance program.